Moments of leisure in Kolkata

I’m in love with Kolkata. It has that classic British charm with modern-day India vibes. The people, food, places – everything just comes together to make something great! Having said that, Kolkata has a dark underbelly. It’s an unforgiving place, not kind to its poor. Beside five-star hotels and posh restaurants, you’ll find beggars subsisting… Continue reading Moments of leisure in Kolkata

Empty Streets of Dhaka

One good thing to come out of this election was the free roads. Took the bike out for a long ride through the streets of Badda, Gulshan, and Banani. Dhaka will never be the same again.

Dhaka’s rain has to be the best in the world

Dhaka is quite possibly one of the worst places to live on this planet. That’s an objective truth, there’s no way around it. But it has a saving grace: the monsoon. Yes, the roads get clogged up, temporarily turning the whole city into a lake. Yes, it makes life miserable for 99% of its people.… Continue reading Dhaka’s rain has to be the best in the world