COVID-19 Lockdown: Oh, what a wonderful world

This has to be the slowest apocalypse ever. All jokes aside, this lockdown has proven to be quite an eye opener. For starters, it’s shown us just how stupid and stubborn humanity can prove to be. From Brahmanbaria to USA, people have gathered en masse defying common sense and rationality. People have been flocking to… Continue reading COVID-19 Lockdown: Oh, what a wonderful world

Harlan Ellison on Political Correctness

How can one man be so freaking awesome? “In addition to having a more steadily illiterate audience every  year, that is to say people who don’t read books, people who’ve  forgotten the past to the extent that nostalgia is what they had for  breakfast, we have this thing called political correctness […] We are  not… Continue reading Harlan Ellison on Political Correctness

Ghost’s “Prequelle” Album is Brilliant

Imagine there’s such a thing as a Grammy award-winning Satanic pop-metal band. Imagine them having catchy as hell tunes that even soccer moms will sing along to with a chorus that goes like: “While you sleep in earthly delight/Someone’s flesh is rotting tonight.” Imagine a band whose music will fill your soul with infernal delight.… Continue reading Ghost’s “Prequelle” Album is Brilliant

Dhaka’s rain has to be the best in the world

Dhaka is quite possibly one of the worst places to live on this planet. That’s an objective truth, there’s no way around it. But it has a saving grace: the monsoon. Yes, the roads get clogged up, temporarily turning the whole city into a lake. Yes, it makes life miserable for 99% of its people.… Continue reading Dhaka’s rain has to be the best in the world

Brilliant horror movie posters

xombiedirge: Part of horror movie inspired tribute exhibit, ‘Horror Show’ presented by New Rule / Facebook. Artwork by: Tom J. Newell, Robin Davey. Kate Prior, Sam Chivers, Liane Plant, Guy McKinley & GODMACHINE  A3 limited edition prints and companion exhibition book available very soon HERE.

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An Eulogy for Bunty

Bunty My Cat

Bunty, my cat, died today. I loved it to bits. Here’s an eulogy for the most awesome cat I’ve had the great fortune of knowing.